Geolife® Technological Concept

Geolife® is a unique technological concept, invented by Bioma, for manufacturing Chemical Free Products, which optimizes any biological process and allow for a natural balance within the ecosystems where these products are applied (soils, farms, human body,…), even in case of intensive and/or industrial exploitation.

Geolife® products QUALITIES:

Environmentally friendly, OGM-free and don’t use dangerous or toxic products

Successfully tested all over the world in various crops, animal farms, as well as environmental installations

Validated in two EU funded research programs under FP6: SULPHREE and NOCHEMFOOD

Geolife® products certifications:

certifications certifications certifications certifications

Geolife® products allow:



  • Improvement of the quality of final agro-food products
  • Improvement of agricultural yields
  • Total elimination or drastic reduction of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Respond to the increasing demand by consumers of food products with guaranteed and certified origin from biological or integrated agriculture
  • Overcome the restrictive regulations on the use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are being implement by all countries



  • Improvement of the animal metabolism
  • Better food assimilation
  • Acceleration of animal growth
  • Important decrease until total disappearance of unwanted odours and dangerous gasses
  • Treatment of animal waste products that can be then directly used in agriculture as fertilizers



  • Landfills and organic compost areas
  • Sludge and solid and liquid organic waste water
  • Recovery of soils and water polluted with hydrocarbons, and solvents
  • Recovery of soils and water polluted with radioactivity and heavy metals


Food Preservation

  • Nitrites and Nitrates in meat products (salami, cooked ham, fresh meat,…) and other transformed food
  • Sulphites for the preservation of wine, beer and juices
  • Lysozyme in the production of Grana Padano cheese and other hard cheeses
  • Sodium hypochlorite in the preservation of salads and other fruits and vegetables

Geolife® products preparation and use

Microorganisms based products:

Products composed by three elements must be prepared as follows:


Liquid based products:

The liquid products must be prepared as follows:




Geolife’s Agricultural program is composed of 4 steps:

  • 1. Soil Amending
  • 2. Booster Fertilizer
  • 3. Fylo – Leaf Fertilizer
  • 4. Resistance Inducers (new)

Geolife® Agriculture program

Fertilization program


Advantages of Agricultural products

Fertilization program


Agriculture products


Products composed of a bacterial-enzymatic mixture containing antagonistic fungi, ferments, zeolites, trichoderma and algae. Used in animal farms to sanitize the stables, in compost dumps and in depurators. Allows the rapid digestion of liquid or solid manure and elimination of organic encrustations.

Advantages of Zootechnical products

Advantages Zoo

Zootechnics products


Oligodynamic elements containing active principles of organic nature to treat and improve the bio-physical processes of the environment. They balance the biomass responsible for the depurating itself, optimizing at the same time the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) values.

Advantages of Environment products

Advantages Environment

Environment products

Food Preservation

Products allowing the drastic reduction and even the elimination of chemical substances in the production of delicatessen products and wine-making process. Substitution of conventional chemical products by organic substances, respectful of the environment and the health.

Advantages of Food Preservation products

Advantages Food

Food Preservation products





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